Remember When? Farewell to the Fareway Diner

Photos courtesy of Joyce Kasemodel

This picture was taken at Kallio’s Fareway Dinette in Wells when Emil and Edith Kallio first built their restaurant. The Kallios were in their 60s and, after owning many restaurants throughout the years and, for the first time actually going on a vacation when they retired, they realized they could not be idle and built this restaurant, now known as the Family Inn. Many people remember the famous “band” above the jukebox in corner at left. The band was made of rubber and played every time someone put money in the jukebox. The waitresses behind the counter are Flossie Christiansen and Karen Mattonen. The little boy is Karen’s son, Hugo, but the identity of the little girl is unknown. In the kitchen window in the middle is Edith Kallio.