Remember When?

Photo courtesy of Wally Slade

The Flat Rock Elementary School in Gladstone (K-8), which closed its doors several years ago, had a reputation as an excellent rural school. The staff of the school posed for a photo 45 years ago in 1968 when Flat Rock was an independent school district. The district consolidated with Gladstone in 1970. The teachers are: from left front, Jody Harrison, sixth-grade; Dennis Harrison, seventh-grade; and Margaret Severinsen, first-grade; second row, Mildred Ranguette, seventh-grade; Joanne Christoff, kindergarten; Pearl Brady, first-grade; Mrs. Clifford Sutter, third-grade; Mary Verch, second-grade; Mrs. Dan Doyle, second grade; and Mrs. Guy Ohman; fourth-grade; back row, Donn Hakanson, fifth-grade; Wayne Christoff, eighth-grade; Doug Wescott, fourth-grade; Tom Vietzke, sixth-grade; Wallace Slade, fifth-grade; and Joseph Ivens, eighth-grade. Eight of the 16 teachers – Severinsen, Ranguette, Brady, Sutter, Ohman, Hakanson, Vietzke and Ivens – are now deceased.