Be sensible with sweets this Halloween

Halloween brings out the sweet-tooth in us all. There are ways, however, to have a healthier Halloween that’s still packed with fun.

Try these tips from the American Heart Association for a healthier Halloween for you and your children:

– Have a healthy meal before you go trick-or-treating to reduce temptation to snack while walking

– Make trick-or-treating a workout. Set a goal of how many houses you will walk to or wear pedometers and have healthy prizes for the person who has the most steps

– Think about a healthier version of treats to give out at your house: Mini boxes of raisins, 100% juice juice-boxes, snack-sized pretzels, pre-packaged trail mixes, pre-packaged dried fruits, crayons, stickers, silly bands, tooth brushes, bubbles, plastic spiders, or coupons to local frozen yogurt stores

– Find the right-sized collection bag for your child. Steer clear of the pillowcase method

Follow these suggestions to have a healthy post-Halloween:

– Avoid the urge to buy on-sale candy in the grocery stores after Halloween. The decision not to buy something once is a lot easier than saying no every time you walk by the candy jar

– Pick out enough candy for one piece a day for five days and put those in the fridge. When your child asks for a piece of candy, make sure to pair it with a healthy snack like a an apple, a banana, some healthy nuts

– “Buy back” the candy from your child with money or tokens they can trade in for a fun activity or outing.