Traditions are alive and well


With all the political wrangling, we small towners are fortunate as we have events to attend which help us keep our sense of perspective as we approach the holiday season. If we depended on media “news” for our mental health, we would need more than an occasional pill to survive.

Our schools are preparing for the concert season just ahead. It is heartwarming for grandparents especially, to be attending these concerts; so proud of their grandkids and so proud of their heritage connected with schools. We are former athletic and musicals “stars” reattending our own concerts in our youth. Our community has always supported our schools thereby perpetuating the top quality found in our local talent, to this day.

Thank God for our traditions. America’s greatness is expressed through such events in our small towns; a greatness found in our traditions which enhance our American experience! We know the importance of love of country; love of our fellow Americans, and love of our tradition. We need no politicians to remind us.

Without our beautiful traditions, we would not have an America we all know and love.

Mary Snyder

Ford River