New Year’s Eve fireworks big plus for Esky

You may have thought it was over, but it appears Escanaba’s Sesquicentennial celebration will continue to the end of the year – literally.

Thursday, the Escanaba City Council approved holding a fireworks display at the Municipal Dock on New Year’s Eve. The funding for the event – $5,000 – comes from the Esky150 Committee.

Hats off to the committee and anyone else who was involved in this event. If there is anything Escanaba has been lacking it is wintertime community events. We believe a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve will be a great way to bring in the new year and mark the end of the city’s sesquicentennial year.

Marquette has had a successful downtown-based New Year’s Eve event – a ball drop – for many years. It serves as a draw to the downtown area and gives residents one more way to celebrate the new year.

Escanaba’s fireworks show will feature a display of 191 fireworks. Fireworks will begin at 8 p.m. According to the city council, this will give people of all ages a chance to enjoy the display. We believe this is the right strategy and makes the display a family-oriented event. Not everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve at the bars or with alcohol. This will give many people an alternative way to mark the holiday with family and friends.

Perhaps, as the event draws closer, other activities might be planned around the fireworks to enhance the event and make it more of a draw. Everyone would benefit.

Whether the fireworks display is a one time event or becomes something more enduring, it is a good idea that will no doubt be enjoyed by the community.

Nice job Esky150 Committee.