Held hostage by Congress


I am an American; just one of millions. As a senior citizen who has witnessed years of our country’s profound heritage; I am proud!

But now my heart is heavy and my burden is beyond comprehension. What has happened to us as a free people?

We’ve been manipulated by “User Friendly Lawmakers,” blindfolded and held hostage for 16 days as threats and fears enraged our very existence of well being. We were fooled and we took the bait like a piranha on a hook.

What a travesty to inflict on our moral obligations “as ambassadors” to our fallen troops and their families. As Lady Liberty shed tears for their heroism and bravery, our government did not. Government funds were cut off, families mourned for their loved ones; only to learn their grief must be somehow postponed as financial burdens held them, lost and abandoned.

I know now that our “Party-Divided Congress” are still playing their games; at the expense of the American people whom they supposedly represent. I can’t wait for the next election.

Valerie L. Destrampe