ORV riders need to follow the rules


“After reading the article on ORV Training in the Escanaba Daily Press dated, Sept. 16, 2013, I needed to respond.

I have lived at 29th Street in Gladstone for over 30 years. In the past 20 years we (people that live on 29th Street) have had numerous problems with all types of off-road vehicles to include speeding, loud mufflers, wheelies, dust created by running in ditches and Cameron School’s Playground and erosion of the shoulders of M-35 state highway.

Individuals that operate ORV need to know and practice state laws, county ordinances and city ordinances.

1. The handbook of Michigan Off-Road Vehicle laws can be obtained at DNR Office at Escanaba or www.michigan.gov/dnr.

2. County ORV ordinance can be obtained at the county in which you plan on operating your ORV.

3. City ordinance can be obtained at city hall of which you plan operating your ORV.

M-35 is a state highway. The hand-book of Michigan Off-Road Vehicle Laws reads, all ORV operation prohibited on roadway and should of State and US Highways.

Snowmobile trail crossing of state and U.S. highways are for snowmobiles only unless posted otherwise. ORVs are not authorized on trails that cross private lands.

ORVs will not be operated in a manner that creates an erosive condition. I ask all parents that have children that ride ORVs in the area of 29th Street to take a ride south on 29th Street until your 100 feet from the traffic light at the M-35 intersection and look west at the should of M-35. This erosion of the should is causing the road surface to start to crumble. This erosion is caused by ORV’s.

County Ordinance for Delta:

Sec. 5 Same as state

Sec. 6 at a speed no more than 25 mph or a lower posted ORV speed limit. 15 mph in recognized legal subdivisions (residential).

Gladstone City Ordinance reads snowmobiles and ORV’s may be operated in the City between Dec. 1 and March 31 on designated trails or routes.

When laws conflict remember state trumps county and city and county trumps city.

Dirt bikes are for closed course Only or designated trails.

When I asked ORV riders if they knew it was against the law to cross M-35 I got answers like – /who reads the law/ I had to cross M-35 to get gas/ we have always done it/ Isn’t there a snowmobile crossing here. Note: snowmobile trail was moved over five years ago a mile west on M-35. Note: ORVs can’t use snowmobile trail unless posted for ORV use.

The main problem with abuse of the law in the lack of law enforcement.

When I call to see what action was taken on the ORV speeders I get the same story, Officer so and so talked to them. Two hours later the same individuals are speeding down 29th Street.

Maybe it is time to take some money from them (ticket).

Parents supervise your children or did you buy the ORV to babysit them so you don’t have to?”

Richard Juneau