1,000 consecutive days and counting

ESCANABA – Brian Nelson of Escanaba is celebrating 1,000 consecutive days of getting his work out in at Anytime Fitness. In the process, Nelson has inspired many friends who follow his daily Facebook posts.

Nelson was messaged from a friend about a year ago who lives a few thousand miles away. His friend had been following his posts and unbeknownst to Nelson, the friend was encouraged to start living a healthier life style. Months had passed when his friend messaged him the news saying, “I’ve started exercising and lost 60 pounds because of you, Brian.”

Nelson said he was touched and truly surprised that his morning messages could encourage someone from so far away to consider changing their life.

The most frequently asked question Nelson gets is … “Do you ever take a vacation?”

With a warm smile, Nelson shares that when he joined Anytime Fitness, he made a commitment to himself that this is going to be a part of his daily routine.

“When I get up, I go to the gym,” he said.

Nelson is very involved in the community and passes no judgment on where others chose to go or what they do for exercise. His advice is, “Just keep moving and go where there are people around you who truly care and are willing to help you feel comfortable.”

Nelson’s determination to exercise daily has not come without resolve.

“There are many cold mornings I could chose to sleep in a little longer,” he said. “But I’ve certainly discovered that my fitness is a journey and I don’t plan on stopping.”