Another chance to enjoy hunting


On Oct. 17, 2013, I was give back a part of my life I thought I would never have again – hunting. Let me explain.

In December of 2009, I went into the V.A. Hospital in Milwaukee, Wis., for a quadruple cardiac by-pass where a three-hour surgery turned into a life altering mess, when I contracted a Mrsa infection in my sternum bone in my chest, my life was changed forever. That infection resulted in a loss of bone all-together and led to numerous other surgeries which left me disabled.

Four months later I got out of the VA’s care with many new restrictions; no pushing, no pulling, or no lifting of anything heavier then a gallon of milk, and of course now no hunting due to the recoil of a rifle which could cause tearing in my chest and result in death.

Well, back to hunting. In September of this year, I went to a benefit for the Wheeling Sportsman where Kenny (Buck) Buchholtz, an old friend, informed me that I would qualify for their hunts with my recent disability. I would encourage any handicapped people in the area to look into it. Kenny Buchholtz and Jerome Bowden took me out hunting on Oct. 17 and I bagged a 130 pound doe which really helped out with my food budget. They were there to gut, drag and also paid for the processing of the animal! They were fantastic and I had a wonderful time; I can’t thank them enough.

To all the sportsmen of the area, if you could all donate $5 out of your hunting budget it would greatly benefit the handicapped veterans and handicapped people of our Escanaba area. Any donation at all would be a great help to their great cause.

I am deeply in their debt for what they have given back to me because hunting was a big part of my life here in the U.P. that I thought I had lost forever. Thank you Buck and Jerome for what you do. You guys are the greatest.

Mike Kalb