Use Mutt Mitts sparingly


Since 1997, the Bay de Noc Kennel Club, along with the Delta Animal Shelter, and the Escanaba Parks Department have been providing Mutt Mitts for dog-walkers to clean up after their dogs. There are Mutt Mitt dispensers in four locations. They are at both the east and west ends of the park, in the middle of the park, and by the harbor. We are glad to provide them for those people who find themselves without a means to pick up their dog’s mess.

Lately, they have been disappearing at a distressing rate. Usage since June has gone up to approximately 55 bags per day. We budget for 30-35 bags per day when ordering, which is still very high for this area. At the current rate, the Mutt Mitts will be gone before November.

In order to be able to continue providing dog walkers with Mutt Mitts, the Kennel Club would like to ask area dog walkers for some help. Please bring a plastic bag from home, and use the Mutt Mitts for an emergency only. Please only take one bag at a time. With everyone’s co-operation, the Mutt Mitt usage will go back to a reasonable amount, and we will be able to afford to continue to offer this service for free.

Linda Lavolette