Don’t stop fighting Obamacare


Are you tired of the debate about Obamacare yet? That is what they are hoping for. They hope we all get tired of it like the rest of the issues in the past few years; Fast and Furious gun running, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, etc. The White House tours are still closed. Sequester was the reason. They spent $634 million on a piece of crap website but they can’t afford to let school kids tour the White House. It isn’t being discussed anymore so its on to the next thing.

They shut down the road going past Mt. Rushmore so people driving by couldn’t see it. We went to Death Valley in the spring. It was a $20 entrance fee. You paid electronically, then you drove the public highway. There are people living there. I wonder if that was closed. Never before, in all of the 17 shutdowns, have they closed the free National Parks; the memorials in D.C. for example. On Oct. 1, all of the barricades showed up, and all of the nicely printed signs. Almost like it was planned way ahead of time.

There are still some who think that Obama is still a great man. I believe he has proven to be a vengeful, vindictive individual. It’s his way or the highway. Have you tried signing up for Obamacare yet?

Tom Grant