We need to protect our rights


The account of a Cuban writer is only a small reflection of the far reaching effects of centralized government, where all aspects of life are affected by the machine of bureaucrats just “doing their job.” The financial costs of implementing something like healthcare will pale in comparison to the real loss of “choice” hoisted on our citizens by an “all knowing” government, whose leaders are unreachable when real questions are asked.

Everyone wants good healthcare, but are we willing to give up our freedom to attain it? Everyone wants a good immigration policy, but do we add more government, with infinite bureaucratic institutions, to achieve it? Immigrants became citizens by following the procedures put in place 100 years ago. Aren’t they good enough anymore?

We had better be careful. We could be talked out of everything that made our country great. The ’60s hippies “let it all hang out” but what did they really have to offer? Many were bored and spoiled brats hitchhiking to California to find something to protest. Many ended up running for office; still messing things up today.

It is good to expose political fraud; to second guess our own birth, but we need to be careful not to go too far. We need to protect the few rights we do have, rather than dismantling the fine institutions which have made our country great.

Mary Snyder

Ford River