Is the past is coming back?


It is time to start looking for the old medical books, mostly about 8 to 10 inches thick, if there are any around to be found. Then, it is back to the old log cabin. Just the cabin, a bed, and the old medical book to help one through the “last days.” If one is lucky, there is an old doctor, such as the one on Gunsmoke (old TV show), who comes in with his bag, attends to the patient, and returns to say “There is not much time left”… to the almost bereaved family. Nice and simple.

No “Please hold”; “I will transfer you to…”; “The doctor or nurse is not available” and last but not least, “Do you have insurance?” (One can’t die without insurance.)

In the log cabin there was no waiting game. Everything was just natural and very quiet. Only the clock ticking away combined with the patient breathing were the only sounds. When you could hear only the clock, the patient had died. No beeps, whistles, bumps, comings and goings from the room… only silence. Almost peaceful.

With modern science and technology, we have come so far as to make the old log cabin a desirable option, if possible. We need to get going. We need to find our hammers, nails, logs and medical book (unless there’s a “mountain woman” to help).

Mary Snyder

Ford River