Gladstone city commissioners chosen

GLADSTONE – Of the ten candidates that were on the ballot Tuesday for the four open Gladstone City Commission seats, voters selected both new and familiar faces to represent them in the coming years.

Incumbents Joe Maki and Hugo Mattonen secured their seats for another four years, and will be joined by Jay Bostwick. Bostwick, Mattonen, and Maki received 536, 387, and 369 votes respectively. They defeated Jessica Ebner, who received 302 votes; Rick Micheau, who received 195 votes; and Steven Viau, who received 241 votes.

“It feels good. Anytime you win it feels good but it feels good to know that the community supports me and what the commission is doing,” said Mattonen of being elected to the commission for another term.

A single two-year term seat was also on the ballot due to the resignation of former commissioner David Olsen who left the commission in July. The seat was secured by Dave Nemacheck who received 465 votes. Nemacheck beat out Jeff Diebolt, who received 85 votes; Steve O’Driscoll, who received 103 votes; and Vicki Viau, who received 116 votes.

“I’m appreciative of the opportunity,” said Nemacheck of being selected to join the commission. “I have the time to try to make the city a better place and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Gladstone residents also had an opportunity to voice who they believe the commission should select as the city’s mayor. Only commissioners seated prior to the election are eligible for the position. Residents chose Maki as their favorite for the position with a total of 281 votes, Mattonen followed with 277 votes, and Commissioner Matthew Gay received 177 votes.

The new commissioners will be seated during the next regular Gladstone City Commission meeting held on Nov. 11. As required by city charter, this reorganizational meeting of the commission will start half-an-hour later than usual at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.