Our health care system


I hear people railing about National Health Care. It will degrade the medical system, the best and brightest will no longer want to be doctors, specialists will be a thing of the past. Well I’m of the opinion that right now, with the system we have in place, if you don’t play for the Packers or a major college, are a senator, or are in the limelight, in most cases you get second rate medical care.

Seems as if doctors are more worried about being known as the one who couldn’t cure someone famous than being known as someone who helps the average Joe. I know there are doctors out there who are truly in it for the right reasons. Some take the hippocratic oath to heart. I’ve even been lucky enough to be treated by a few. I don’t begrudge doctors an honest wage, their hours would kill many lesser people. But overall I’ve just been a number, being manipulated by insurance companies in cahoots with offices whose first question is,” how much will your insurance pay?”

When did we Americans sign up for the so much care for so much insurance plan? I’ve begun to look at National Health Care in a different light. I think the scariest question for many people is would it bring us up to the elite level of care or bring them down to our level?

Peter Gregoire