Cannon using time-worn Democratic mantra


Potential candidate for Congress, Jerry Cannon, or should I say, “The Loose Cannon,” dragged out the old, time-worn Democratic mantra of deceiving and scaring the voters with his misstatements regarding Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek and his support for Paul Ryan’s budget.

As a potential Congressional candidate, I would be much more interested in hearing Mr. Cannon’s positions on Obamacare, tax reform, how to reverse the declining average income growth since 2008 by creating jobs and restoring economic growth, the dismantling of our national defense, the wild growth of our national debt, etc., rather than this shallow attempt to redirect attention from the pertinent subjects of the day. Like President Obama, he wants to focus attention on anything but the ongoing debacle of Obamacare.

Congressman Benishek did vote for Paul Ryan’s budget proposals which were drafted with the belief that it is necessary to reign in the uncontrolled spending increases in Medicare and Medicaid. Mr. Ryan’s budgets have never been about terminating these programs, but rather about slowing their gargantuan growth and in the process, reforming these runaway programs so that they will be available for future generations. The Loose Cannon should return to one of the fine educational facilities in the Great State of Michigan and take a refresher course in Economics 101 to learn about fiscal responsibility.

As a potential candidate, I would like Mr. Cannon to keep one figure in mind-17 trillion and growing. Now, that is truly a scary national debt number and it has grown by nine trillion since Senator Obama, a terrific orator but unskilled and inept CEO, has become President. Yes, Mr. Cannon, we, the voting, tax-paying public, do want accountability, so let’s hear an honest debate on the above-mentioned subjects, rather than the blast of the wild, inaccurate cannon shot from the bow of a sinking ship, USS Obama.

Paul Neumeier