‘Authentic Faith’ topic of new book by local author

ESCANABA – Bo Lange announces the release of his newest book. In his “Authentic Faith a Survival Guide for Christian Living,” Lange acknowledges that writing another religious book is not a very popular venture, but since he believes that the simple Bible message of God’s grace has been lost and confused in modern culture, he feels obligated to write. It has become a mission for him to tell people how much God loves them.

It is Lange’s belief that the clear and simple Bible message of God’s salvation has slowly turned out to become a deep and confusing theological subject without relevance. He maintains that God’s requirement for salvation is, neither built on religious good works, nor religious rituals. He makes a sharp distinction between being “religious” and being a “Biblical Christian.” Religion speaks of organizational religions while being Christianity is all about a personal relationship.

“I am passionate,” Lange continues, “to bring a renewed debate about the understanding of God’s free salvation.” His hope is that his book, “Authentic Faith,” will clarify the issue and help many finding God and start living authentic Christian lives.

In no way does Lange diminish good works for a Christian.

“Though we cannot earn salvation by good religious act,” he said, “God’s free salvation, should give us an appreciation for God so that we will start living a new life-style.”

Lange personally testifies that he serves God with good works, not because he deserves God’s forgiveness, but, on the contrary, because of what God has forgiven him. He tries to live a Christian life-style because he first has experienced God’s free gift of salvation.

“Authentic Faith” is divided into three sections. The first part is contains physical evidences for the authenticity of the Bible. The author believes there are good factual reasons for relying on the Bible. Secondly, he provides scores of Bible references to support that man is made righteous before God by simple trust in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. And finally, in several chapters and in detail, the author presents characteristics of an authentic Christian lifestyle.

“Authentic Faith” is published by Richard’s Printing in Escanaba and is also available as an e-book on Amazon.com.

Lange will have a book signing event for the new book at Book World in Escanaba on Saturday from 1-3 p.m. Lange’s books are also available at Canterbury Book Store and at Positively in Escanaba.