Give Obamacare a chance


Mike Sagataw, Nov. 15 letter, is exactly correct. The onslaught by “Republicans” and other destructive forces, including those he mentioned and the Koch brothers against the Affordable Health Care Act is so despicable. They are hell-bent on destroying everything in our nation that stabilizes things for the majority of people, while spouting that they are acting in the best interest of all of us.

Our own congressman has hundreds of ads on TV (not paid by him), declaring himself the savior of America as he opposes “Obamacare.” Looks like propaganda for the 2014 election to me.

For example, I am 79. The Health Care Act makes it possible for me to receive the very expensive medicine I need every day for the rest of my life. Several years ago I was “fudging” on the medicine, because I could not afford it. Millions of seniors are in the same “boat.” Thank you “Obamacare.” Also, millions of young people between age 18 through 25 are covered by their parent’s insurance. Many other aspects of this act are very beneficial to all of us.

Be patient. It has taken America 100 years to finally attempt to make health care in America better.

Glitches in such a huge project are inevitable. But we are doing the right thing.

Aren’t you a little sick of the walls being put in front of progress in this country? I am!

Dr. Bill Finlan

Wells Township