Obama lied to the American people


Let me understand this – because I think, along with a lot of others, that the Health Care Roll-out was a joke, I am racist. Somewhere between $450 and $600 million to build a website that did not work. There are any number of companies with complicated websites that don’t have any problems. For example: ebay, Amazon, what about Facebook? Zuckerberg’s people could have put together a website to handle Obamacare for half the money.

Mr. Sagataw, you got a good deal on health care and you don’t have to pay anything. They used to call that Medicaid. There are some five million people that had policies that they wanted to keep. Because of the new regulations of Obamacare, they were cancelled. They don’t have the luxury of getting free health care. The new policies are much more expensive, if they can get on the website to purchase one.

President Obama lied to the American people. “You can keep your policy, period.” I don’t like that. I think he should take a little more time working as the president and a little less time on the golf course. Maybe then he would know what the heck is going on!

It has nothing to do with the color of President Obama’s skin. I dislike the job that President Obama is doing, period.

Tom Grant