In search of a nurse from Escanaba


July 3, 1952, Old Baldy Hill, Korea. Private First Class Louis Pline is in a foxhole with three of his buddies, riding out a barrage of mortar and missile attacks. One of the mortars finds its mark and lands in the foxhole blowing Louis and his buddies out on the hill. Louis was the only one to survive the blast and was flown via helicopter to a MASH hospital. Louis was out of it for a few days healing from his injuries, the entire time he had a constant vigil by a nurse who catered to his every need. When Louis came to, a few days later, he struck up a conversation with his nurse and found out that she was from Escanaba. He being a Michigan boy himself, they had a special bond during his time in the hospital. Due to his injuries, Louis being unable to write, was not able to correspond with his family to let them know that he was going to survive and tell them the circumstances, noting this, the nurse penned a letter to his parents and made Louis sign the letter and then mailed it to the family. Shortly after, he was transferred to a hospital in Japan to heal from his injuries further. Louis was later discharged and was given the option to go back to the states or back with his company. He chose to go back with his buddies and fight again. After a long journey to find his company, he found that he was the only surviving member; during his time in the hospital they had all met their end.

Louis never forgot his time in Korea. After many decades of mental and physical healing, in 1998 Louis and his son in law traveled to three states visiting the grave sights of his buddies from the foxhole on that dramatic day.

He has been searching for the nurse that cared for him so thoroughly on his stay for years. Louis is my great uncle and when he found out where I live he immediately asked me to do a task for him; to try to find that nurse so he could give her a hug and thank her for her service. He can’t remember her name, but only that she was from Escanaba. Louis was a private first class in the 45th Division, he was in a MASH hospital near the town of Teageau, (possibly Daegu, he was unsure of its spelling) if you or someone you know is aware of someone in the Escanaba area that might know who this nurse is, please contact me and I can get you in contact with him and help complete this soldiers bucket list.

Trent Bellingar