Black Friday frustration


I hope you will allow me a few moments to give vent to my frustration over this new Thanksgiving Day shopping trend.

I have been a Black Friday shopper for years. I’ve taken much good-humored abuse from friends over the years about getting up in the wee hours to stand in lines in the snow, wind and rain.

I always defended my actions, saying “It’s fun.” And it was. Despite what you see on TV of people being trampled, locally, people have always been jolly while standing in line, sharing stories of Black Fridays past and sometimes even singing!

I’ve taken advantage of sales and found so many of those special gifts for my daughter that I may not have been able to swing later in the shopping season.

Last year, I was excited as for the first time my daughter was shopping with me. We poured over the ads and were overjoyed to find many of the items we really wanted would be on sale. However when we arrived at the stores we found time and again that these items were not available. The stores had been picked clean the day before.

I see that so many of the really good sales are going to be on Thanksgiving again this year. I feel for the mother who will run out and miss time with her family so that she might get that computer that her kids need for school. She wouldn’t be able to afford it at regular price.

I feel, too, for the men and women who have to man the registers and move the product Thursday. No turkey with their loved ones this year.

As for me, I give up. My long-standing tradition of Black Friday shopping has been soured by the shadow cast by “Greed Thursday.”

Mary Wilcox