A season of thankfulness and typhoons

ESCANABA – In the aftermath of the strongest recorded typhoon, I listen to the news reports from the Philippines, where millions are suffering and struggling for survival. I see the images of the homeless wandering through rubble where once there were villages and cities. I hear voices crying for food and water. And here I sitin my recliner enjoying the warm glow of the fireplace reflected in our big screen TV and a refrigerator packed with food and my Brita pitcher filled to the brim with clear clean water.

Thankful is too small a word. Thankful for all the comforts I have. Thankful I’m not where the storm hit. Thankful my house is built strong and on high ground. Thankful I live in a town where people help each other and a country where helping others is a way of life even if they are half a world away.

I’m thankful for our local service club Altrusa which has joined with many others in sending disaster relief donations. I’m thankful for organizations like “Compassion International” which have been working in the Philippines through local churches for many years. I know from first hand experience that they can be trusted to make efficient use of donation dollars, making them stretch to benefit the most needy.

To make a donation for the relief efforts in the Philippines, visit compassion.com or call (888) 503-4586.