Loose Cannon?


I wonder how Mr. Paul Neumeier in his letter titled “Cannon using time-worn Democratic mantra” was clever enough to come up with the “jeu de mot” Loose Cannon? If Jerry Cannon was Jerry Cassidy would he be calling him “Hopalong?” If his name was Jerry Corrigan would “Wrong Way” fit the bill?

Congressman Benishek name is somewhat more difficult to use in this play on words, however, I believe the Congressman deserves a bit of respect! I understand that Congressman Benishek has been and still is a well respected doctor and has served the needs of his patients diligently, including many of our veterans. I am not a fan of our Congressman and find him to be an ineffective representative, but he does have my respect and admiration as a highly accomplished and decent human being.

Mr. Neumeier writes of Jerry Cannon “dragging out the Democratic mantra!” However Congressman Benishek uses the Republican mantra in nearly all of his editorials that grace this papers pages. The congressman repeats the Republican mantra-talking points nearly verbatim from health care, economics, etc., a total echo chamber with a lot of “red meat” thrown to his base. Often the Congressman brings up the name of former house speaker Nancy Pelosi. I guess just the mention of her name brings on the right wing-tea party rage.

I would like to clear up the distortions that Mr. Neumeier wanted the readership to believe about Jerry Cannon or as Mr. Neumeier refers, “The Loose Cannon.” Jerry joined the Marine Corps out of high school and served in Vietnam. After he was discharged he went into police work and became the sheriff of Kalkaska County, joined the National Guard, became president of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association, earned a B.A. degree in criminal justice, holds two master degrees from Central Michigan and the Army War College, taught criminal justice at Northwestern Michigan College and serves on many boards and associations in and around his community. Jerry Cannon is also a Major General in the Army National Guard and has served three tours of duty in Iraq and has served in other parts of the world, also one of his sons has served two tours in Afghanistan. Does this sound like a “Loose Cannon?”

Jerry Cannon sounds like a man who has always had “Skin in the game” and pulled himself up by his own boot straps, the kind of man the right wing likes to fawn over, until he runs counter to their own ideological thinking.

Quite a resume, Marine, father, husband, patriot, sheriff, citizen, teacher, general and all the stops in between. With a little luck and an informed electorate, add Congressman Cannon to the rest of his accomplishments.

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners