Best Thanksgiving dinner EVER!

GLADSTONE – There was a rumor swirling around that “Taste of Home” magazine was going to pay a visit the Cameron School in Gladstone after hearing that there were some “super chefs” in Amanda VanEffen’s kindergarten classroom. It appears that the company’s chefs were looking for some unique and crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving dinner recipes for their newest edition and were prepared to garner some new dishes to try in their taste kitchens.

But the Daily Press beat them to it and the youngsters in the class were more than willing to share their culinary masterpieces that they will be whipping up in their own family kitchens or else at “Gramma’s house.” You can read it here – in your local newspaper – and it won’t even cost you the price of a magazine. So get ready for some real surprises.

Lilyauna Clausen

Lilyauna will be preparing dinner at her own house because her gramma – where she used to go – died. But don’t be too sad. Lilyauna assures me that her gramma is “in a good place and she’s happy there.” Lilyauna plans to purchase her Thanksgiving turkey at Walmart because “then all the feathers are gone.” She said to put the turkey on a plate and then put it in the oven and bake it on 8 degrees for 1 minute. You’ll know it’s done because you’ll “hear a little beep.”

Of course Lilyauna will serve dressing with her turkey. She’ll make it out of bologna and then “put it inside the turkey after it’s cooked.”

Mashed potatoes will be a snap because you “cut them up and then peel ’em.” Then you put them in the oven until you “see white stuff all over the plate” (about 1 minute).

For a veggie, Lilyauna said she’s never eaten Brussel sprouts but she’d like to try them.

Lilyauna will purchase a chocolate cake at Walmart for dessert.

Wash your meal down with milk.

Kiera Donovan

You’re all invited to go with Kiera and her family to her Gramma Ives’ house for Thanksgiving. She plans to pick up a ham from “the store that’s close to me” and figures it should cost her about $10. Then she’ll put it on a big tray and put it in the oven. To set the temperature, Kiera said “you push the arrows up and if it’s boiling too much, then you push them down.” That will take about 8 minutes.

Kiera plans to serve baked potatoes. To prepare them, she’ll wrap them in tin foil and then put them on the “outside of the stove” and cook them about 10 minutes.

Forget about serving broccoli or carrots because Kiera doesn’t like to cook either of them.

For dessert, Kiera suggests a birthday cake – a vanilla one because she hates chocolate unless it’s chocolate candy.

Water and orange juice are her beverage choices.

Jackson Golzynski

Jackson said he and his family will be going to a friend’s house this year for Thanksgiving and you’re invited, too. Jackson will go with his friend’s dad to hunt down a turkey. It should be pretty simple. “You just try to find it with a flashlight and then grab it by the neck and shoot it,” he said. Then you rip the feathers off “really slowly.” Put it in a pan (“a huge rectangle one”) and put it in the oven at 9 degrees for 8 seconds. How will he know when it’s done? “You just feel how hot it is,” he said. Then you take it out with some “griddle things.”

To fix the French fries that Jackson will be serving, he will “try to find a recipe or just ask some people at the store if they have one.” But nevertheless, Jackson is prepared to “figure it out” by cutting up some potatoes with a knife and cooking them in the oven for 7 seconds.

Corn and beans are Jackson’s veggies of choice. Just cook them for 1 second.

Jackson plans to serve pie for dessert, and it will be his job to get the 2 or 3 apples he will need. First he will peel them and then put 3 drops of sugar on them. But it will be up to his dad to “figure out how to get the crust on it.” Then he’ll cook it for 1 minute on top of the stove.

He will serve his meal with milk.

Jasmine Goodman

“Gramma Nanny” is the place to go for Thanksgiving if you’re in Jasmine’s family. She plans to go out in the woods with her dad to get a turkey. First they’ll have to be in “camo” and try to get up close and try to shoot it. Then they’ll take off the feathers with a knife. She’ll cook the bird on top of the stove in a pan for 1 day and it’s done “when it beeps.”

Don’t bother fixing potatoes. Just get some French fries at McDonald’s. But if you must have mashed potatoes, just “try to get the skins off with a knife and put them in a pot. Cook them in the oven, however, Jasmine doesn’t have a clue how long to cook them. Then put a little bit of salt on them and mash them with a masher.

Jasmine prefers carrots for a veggie because you don’t have to cook them.

She’ll get an ice cream sundae at McDonald’s for dessert – a strawberry one.

They’ll wash their meal down with pop (“any kind”).

Benjamin Heiting

You’re all invited over to Benjamin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and he’s going to help his mom and dad with the cooking. First he’ll go out in the cabin in the woods (“maybe in the blind”) with his brother Dominic and look for a turkey. When they find one, they’ll shoot it with a gun and then try to pull the feathers off. To prepare it, he’ll put it in a pan and cook it on top of the stove for 14 minutes. He’ll know when it’s done because “something will go ding” and then he’ll get a glove and take it out of the pan.

You can get some stuffing at Walmart but don’t bother cooking it because you really don’t have to.

He’ll be making regular potatoes by taking the peels off and then cutting them up. If he can’t find a knife, then he’ll “just rip them up” and put them in the oven for maybe 10 minutes.

He won’t have too cook the corn Benjamin plans to serve. You “just eat it.”

Benjamin will get a chocolate cream cake at Walmart and his dinner will be complete.

Enjoy the meal with apple juice.

Callie Rae Honeycutt

Callie will be staying home for Thanksgiving and her mom and dad will do the cooking, with her help, of course. She will hunt for a turkey in the woods with her mom and dad but they’ll have to “go where the tall trees are” to find one. Her dad will do the shooting, though, because Callie is too little. She will then peel off the feathers and cook it on a “plate that looks like a cookie plate” on top of the stove for about 10 minutes. She will have to look at it a couple of times to make sure it’s done.

As far as making dressing, Callie said she’ll make it out of cotton candy “cause it’s really soft.”

To make mashed potatoes, she will peel them with her fingernails and “try really hard to do it good.” When she’s done “peeling,” she will cook them on the stove for 9 minutes.

For a veggie, Callie will try and get all different kinds because she loves them all, especially carrots and green beans.

Cookie Monster ice cream is Callie’s choice for dessert. You can but it at the store or make it with eggs and milk.

For a beverage, you can “drink anything you want.”

Myah Hood

Thanksgiving dinner will be served at Myah’s house and you’re invited. She plans on getting a turkey at the store and after she puts it on a plate, she will cook it in the oven at 10, 9 and 8 degrees for 10 minutes “or even 9 if it’s done.”

She’ll get her stuffing at the store or else make some with pineapple chunks and bananas. Then she will cook it in the oven for 18 minutes.

Baked potatoes will be on Myah’s Thanksgiving dinner table. She will just “use a tool” to fix them and bake them at 40 degrees for 11 minutes.

For a veggie, she’ll put some corn on the top of the oven, but “you don’t have to cook it very long.”

Myah will serve brownies for dessert. She plans to make them with milk, chocolate, peanut butter and “chocolate stuff and brownie stuff,” then cook them on top of the stove for 55 minutes.

Serve with milk.

Chase Ketcham

Chase said his family will be going on vacation so they will probably have their Thanksgiving dinner at the airport. But never fear…he will probably get some sloppy joes or cook chicken in the roaster that his dad has.

Serve with carrots and broccoli “and that’s all.”

Strawberry cake will be served up for dessert because the “airport people will make it.”

They will wash their meal down with water.

Sarina LeMoine

Gramma’s house will be the place to be for Thanksgiving and Sarina says you’re welcome to come. Ham will be on the dinner table and Sarina said she will purchase it at a store (but she’s not sure which one) for $10. First she plans to put the ham in a rectangle pan and bake it at 5 degrees for 5 minutes. She will be able to tell when it’s done “when it beeps.”

To make the mashed potatoes that Sarina suggests, she’ll “make them hot and then cut the skin off.” The entire process should take about 6 minutes. How do they get mashed? “My parents have a potato masher I can use,” she said.

Carrots are Sarina’s veggie of choice. They’ll be served uncooked because that’s the only way Sarina likes them.

For dessert, Sarina suggests getting a twist cone at the Dairy Flo and get a twist cone. Mix chocolate and vanilla together.

Serve with chocolate milk.

Grace Kinonen

Thanksgiving dinner will be at “Mommy’s house” this year, according to Grace. Forget the turkey and ham. Grace much prefers Chicken Nuggets and French fries. Just get them at McDonalds. But don’t plan on eating there. Grace said she’ll bring them to her mom’s house “because I like to put lots of ketchup on them.” She’s not sure McDonalds has enough.

Instead of worrying about a vegetable for dinner, Grace suggested she’ll get an order of apple slices to go.

For dessert, Grace said, “I really like cookie-dough ice cream with cinnamon on it.”

The family will wash their meal down with orange juice because Grace said, “That’s my favorite thing.”

Levi Larsen

Levi said you’re invited to go with his family to Gramma’s house and Grampa will be doing all the cooking – with Levi’s help, of course. The two of them will go out in woods and his grampa will go “way back” in the woods to look for a turkey. After he shoots it, Levi will help him take all the feathers off by peeling them off with a peeler. Then he’ll bake the turkey on a tray in the oven at 6 degrees for 1 minute. How will he know it’s done? “Just look and see if it’s brown,” Levi said.

Forget the stuffing because Levi doesn’t like it. If you really must have some, he said, “You just go buy some.”

Instead of bothering to make potatoes, Levi said he’ll buy some at the restaurant.

For a vegetable, Levi plans to cook some carrots for 6 seconds and then serve them up.

He’ll cap off his meal with a strawberry cake that he’ll buy at Walmart.

In case the family is watching their calories, Levi suggests they drink diet Pepsi.

Grace McDonough

Grace said her gramma and her mom will be serving up Thanksgiving dinner but she plans to be in charge. First she’ll go and buy a turkey at Shopko and then put it in a pan and cook it at 5 degrees for 5 minutes “and then it’s done!” she said.

As for stuffing, she can get some at Shopko when she buys her turkey. She won’t even have to cook it.

Grace will, however, have to cook up the mashed potatoes that she plans to serve. First she’ll peel them with a knife and cook them for 4 minutes. She’s going to be on her own when it comes to using a masher. “I’ve never used one,” she said.

She’ll cook up some corn for 2 minutes as a veggie.

Grace picks chocolate ice cream for dessert. “Get that at Shopko, too,” she said.

So what’s her beverage of choice? What else…chocolate milk.

Ava Menard

It’s over the river and through the woods to Ava’s gramma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. But first she’ll have to stop at Walmart and buy a chicken to serve. First she will have to cook it on top of the stove for 10 minutes because by then it’ll be “hard enough.”

As far as stuffing goes? Ava never heard of it.

To prepare mashed potatoes, Ava said you have to “take the peelings off with your hands and then cut them with a knife.” Then cook them in the oven for 8 minutes and mash them with a masher. “It’s not too hard,” she said.

To prepare her carrots, Ava will cook them for 9 minutes.

Don’t bother baking brownies for dessert. Ava plans to buy them at Walmart because “they’re already cooked.

Pop and root beer will be served as beverages.

Alicia Meyer

Thanksgiving dinner will be at Alicia’s house and you’re invited. She plans to purchase a turkey from Super Valu and cook it in a pan on top of the stove for 10 hours.

To make her stuffing, Alicia will use her own secret ingredients – “berries.”

You will have to fill up on stuffing because Alicia doesn’t plan on serving any potatoes or vegetables. “I don’t like potatoes,” she said. “I don’t like corn. And I don’t like carrots.” Nevertheless, Alicia said her mom will cook up some carrots if you really must have some. It will take her about 20 minutes.

For dessert, Alicia said her mom likes to make berry pies but she doesn’t plan to put any sugar in it. It will, however, require about 10 hours to bake.

Alicia said her family has “all kinds of stuff” to drink, particularly pink lemonade.

Remington Miller

Remington said his mom and gramma will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at his house this year and he is more than willing to be in charge. First he’ll buy a turkey at Walmart and then cook it on top of the stove “so you can see it,” he said. Cooking time will about about 90 minutes and he’ll know It’s done “when the bell rings.”

As far as stuffing goes, Remington said, “I don’t know what that is” so don’t bother thinking you might get some to go with your turkey.

Instead, the family and guests can either enjoy mashed potatoes or McDonalds French fries for dinner. To make mashed potatoes, all you have to do is peel them and then put butter on them. Then you cut them up and put them in a pan and “put lots of ketchup on them.” He’s not sure if they have to be cooked.

A choice of vegetables won’t be a problem because Remington likes all kinds.

Then he’ll buy a chocolate cake at the store for dessert and serve it with Moo Juice.

Carter Miron

It’ll be off to Gramma’s house for Carter and his family on Thanksgiving and you are welcome to join them. Carter plans to serve “just plain meat or else deer meat” instead of the traditional turkey or ham. He said he will go into the woods looking for a deer and when he sees one far away, he’ll “aim at it and shoot it.” To take the skin off, he will just cut it off. Then he’ll cook the meat on top of the stove for 40 minutes.

To make the mashed potatoes he will be serving, Carter will take the peelings off and cut them up in a pan and cook them for 4 minutes. The mashing won’t be any problem even though Carter said he doesn’t know how to do it. “I’ll just ask my mom to do it,” he said.

Corn will be served up as a vegetable because Carter said “you don’t have to cook it.”

Chocolate ice cream will be served for dessert because you don’t have to make it. “You just go buy it,” he said.

For a beverage, Carter said he will offer up water, juice, chocolate milk and “that’s it.”

Mason Peltin

Mason said his family will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at his Uncle Mitch’s house but he’s prepared to help out with the preparation. He and his uncle will go out in the woods to hunt down a turkey but he’s not sure what to look for because he said he’s never seen a live turkey before. But he already knows that the feathers will have to come off before he’ll be able to cook it. Then he’ll put it on a plate in the oven and bake it at “half of 10” degrees for 5 or 6 minutes. He’ll know it’s done because “the beeper will go off.”

Mason plans to get some stuffing at Walmart “if they have it there” and that will go in the oven, too.

French fries will be served with the turkey because Mason said he doesn’t know how to fix mashed potatoes. Come to think of it, he doesn’t know how to cook French fries either. Maybe Uncle Mitch will have some ideas.

Mason said he will try his hand at boiling some carrots even though he’s never tried to cook them before.

Gramma will prepare Mason’s favorite dessert – vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and chocolate chips.

Milk is Mason’s healthy choice of beverage.

Jared Quinn

Jared plans to stay at home with his mom for Thanksgiving dinner, but you’re welcome, too. Jared will go all out by serving turkey, ham and chicken for dinner. He plans to get them all at the store – “maybe Walmart.” He will put them all together in a “straight pan” and cook them on top of the stove for 5 minutes or “when the beeper goes off.

He will purchase his stuffing at Menards and bake it in the oven for 2 minutes at 1 and 6 degrees.

Jared said baked potatoes fresh from the garden will be delicious on the dinner table. “Or you can buy orange ones at the store,” he said. He will peel them all with a knife and cook them with eggs. Then his mommy will mash them with a fork.

For a veggie, Jared will cook corn for 2 and 17 minutes.

For dessert, Jared said he plans to serve pudding – “the black kind” – and serve it with cupcakes from Walmart. He also wants to serve cookies with frosting on them.

Pop is his beverage of choice.

Jacob Van Gorp

Jacob also plans to stay home with his mom for Thanksgiving dinner. But he plans to be a big helper. He will buy a turkey from Walmart and cook it in the oven for 7 minutes at 7 degrees.

He will make stuffing using chicken and “other ‘gredients like some spicy stuff and a piece of pepper” that he’ll cut up and “smash it onto the turkey.” When it comes out of the oven, he will then mix it all up. The entire process should take about 45 minutes.

Jacob will prepare mashed potatoes by peeling them and then using a “potato smasher to press them.”

You’d better like broccoli because Jacob likes it and wants to serve it as a vegetable.

Jacob said he plans to make his own “special ice cream” for dessert by using dark chocolate and white chocolate ice cream. Then he’ll put them both in a bowl and mix it up. When he cooks it for 100 minutes, he’ll know that it’s done because it will “taste like coffee.”

Beverage will be orange juice that you can “drink with your ice cream.”

Mason Wells

Gramma’s house will be the place to go for Thanksgiving and his mom and dad will be there, too. Mason plans to get some chicken on a farm, but he said you don’t have to take the feathers off. Instead, you just cook it on top of the stove for about 15 minutes.

Forget the potatoes because Mason doesn’t like them.

But hot carrots – cooked for 10 minutes – will be the perfect veggie.

Green chocolate mint ice cream will be the best dessert ever. Mason said you can get it at Pizza Hut or McDonalds.

Mason plans to serve Dr. Pepper as a beverage.

Cole Williams

Like many of his classmates, Cole and his family will be going to Gramma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. To help his gramma out, Cole will pick up the turkey at the store – “Maybe Super one.” He’ll cook it in the oven for about 5 minutes. He’ll know it’s done when the numbers “get down to zero.”

As far as stuffing goes, Cole is unsure whether to have it or not because it’s “kinda tricky” to make it.

Making potatoes is “kinda tricky” as well, but Cole said he can probably help out by peeling them with a peeler and then cooking them.

He will also have to cook the corn and carrots he plans to serve, but that will be “kinda tricky,” too.

Although Cole prefers brownies for dessert, he has absolutely no idea how to make them. “That’s tricky, too,” he said.

But there’s nothing tricky about Cole’s choice of beverage. It will be water.