Another memorable musical


From the comprehensive, beautifully presented program, to the finished product on stage, the audience of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was treated to a spectacular delight, comparable to a gourmet dessert. This was Escanaba in one of its finest moments.

That is, the Escanaba Area Public High School Fine Arts Department at its best, presenting the finest talent in town.

Having played piano for nine musicals, under the direction of Conrad Beck, and having had children in leading roles (and now a grandson), I can attest to the dedication, perseverance and fortitude it takes to be a part of such productions. Like good parents, the directors, John Beck, and Lynn Soderbert ,were “on the job” preparing, with cast and crew, for the final product for all to enjoy.

It is hard to believe there have been 50 musicals presented since the “new” high school was built.

Our community has been the beneficiary of much hard work and can be gratified by the fact that our tax money is well spent in this special little town. We have a rich heritage as evidenced by the many talented students of years ago; our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who made their mark in the arts.

This musical sets us off in the direction of the great Christmas season ahead. There will be school concerts, church concerts, parades, parties, a garlanded Main Street with decorate stores; all shining through giant snowflakes on snow covered streets. What more could we want?

Mary Snyder

Ford River