Mother extradited to Texas

ESCANABA – A mother whose baby was recently found buried in a New Mexico desert will be extradited from the Delta County Jail to the El Paso County Jail today, according to the El Paso County Sheriff Department.

Jenna May Farrey, 20, and her husband, Jeffrey Farrey, 22, of El Paso, Texas, were arrested on Nov. 17 in Escanaba. They and their two sons were reported missing Nov. 15 from their home where a suicide note was found.

The mother was lodged in Delta County Jail for being a fugitive of justice on a probation violation relating to two 2012 charges for abandonment of a child. The father, a soldier from Fort Bliss Army Base, was held in the local jail on a federal AWOL charge.

After the couple’s five-month-old son, Jackson, was found dead on Nov. 20, Jeffrey Farrey was charged with one felony count of injury to a child by omission. He is accused of intentionally, recklessly, or with criminal negligence, by act or unintentionally, knowingly, or recklessly by omission, causing serious bodily injury to a child.

Jeffrey Farrey was extradited back to El Paso where he remains lodged in the county jail there in lieu of a $1.5 million bond. According to court records, he is under suicide watch.

El Paso County Sheriff Department officials will be picking up Jenna Farrey today, said a sheriff’s deputy from El Paso County Monday. She will be flown back to Texas where she has been charged with violating her probation on two child abandonment charges relating to her son, Blake.

Following the couple’s arrest in Escanaba more than two weeks ago, 19-month-old Blake was placed in care of Child Protective Services in Delta County.

El Paso Police Department and the FBI stepped up their search for Jackson after he was not found in the custody of his parents when they were arrested at the Eagle’s Nest Motel in Escanaba.

On Nov. 20, authorities recovered the child’s body buried in Orogrande, New Mexico, about 30 miles from El Paso.

The body was transported to the University of New Mexico’s Medical Examiner’s office in Albuquerque for an autopsy. Police have not released an official report but are saying they believe the body to be Jackson Farrey.

During a court proceeding in Delta County Circuit Court on Nov. 20, Jenna Farrey waived her right to a extradition hearing, allowing the judge to issue an order of extradition to El Paso authorities.

Because she was not allowed to leave Texas, El Paso Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Jenna Farrey for violating her community supervision terms related to the two 2012 misdemeanors of abandoning a child.

According to El Paso County court records, Jenna Farrey was booked on two counts of abandoning/endangering a child with intent to return in July 2012.

On Jan. 23, 2013, she pleaded guilty to the two charges and was ordered to serve concurrent sentences of five years community supervision, 200 hours community service, and a total of $962 in fines and costs. She was also ordered to undergo an alcohol treatment program, according to court records.

An El Paso Police Department sergeant said today there are no updates on the case in regards to any additional charges against Jenna Farrey.

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