Obamacare has helped many


Regarding David Rood Jr.’s Nov. 26 critical letter, “Obamacare” is directly responsible for cutting out the private insurers from Medicare and lowering costs (like it did for me), not to mention the closing of the donut hole in the Medicare Part-D prescription insurance. So my contention that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) saved me and thousands of other seniors in the cost of medicines is accurate. The connections between the two are referenced at this website: www.medicare.gov/about-us/affordable-care-act/affordable-care-act.html

The cancellation of Mr. Rood’s insurance policy is something being done by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, not ACA or “Obamacare.” As long as the policy met the minimum requirements of the law, BC/BS was under no requirement to cancel it. In fact, now they are required to offer even the crappy policies that they were previously charging people for. ACA has nothing to do with what BC/BS did to you. Sorry they “took you.” You might also want to investigate what our Michigan Republicans passed into law that makes life much more difficult for the greedy BC/BS – by taking away their non-profit status, so now they have to pay taxes.

Also, most people, legislators and all, including doctors and insurance people, have not read any of the ACA, and they don’t intend to read it. The rampant propensity of Republican voters to “buy” the ways of their leaders, and the propensity of the same leaders to blast anything related to our President should be obvious by now, but few care. In fact, they seem to love it. Most insurance companies only care about this opportunity to make more money, and “support” their leaders.

Again, I suggest that people be a little more patient with ACA, mostly because it is already helping so many people like seniors and college-age adults, and will reduce costs in many ways in the future.

Dr. Bill Finlan

Wells Township