A gift for mankind

ISHPEMING – As he walked down the streets, he saw people suffering from the cold, hunger, and lack of hope. He saw people who were satisfied with the status quo.

People who were cruel to their fellow man. This cruelty manifested itself in abuse, murder, stealing, and adultery.

Fueling much of this was addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other forms of abuse in search of happiness.

He saw children begging for food and suffering from many ailments. Despair was a common reflection in their eyes and on their faces. Some were abandoned in the streets and soon to be taken by Him into His house.

For them, he wept. As he continued his walk, he observed the other end of the spectrum. This was the well-to-do. Though they were warm and not hungry, they unknowingly too suffered from lack of hope.

Lives were squandered on greed, gambling, drugs, and many addictions; all in the search of happiness.

Their children lacked for nothing from warm homes to food on the table. When they were ill, they were provided with the best care. However, their eyes held the reflection of their soul, which was despair.

For them, he wept.

He felt and knew that they all needed a message that will change many lives. So, he began to develop a plan. This plan would change the world of these people.

You see, all of these people, though some didn’t know it, were searching. Into their world, he sent his Son with a message of love, hope, and salvation that would bring light into a dark world.

See any similarities to today?

So, today let us commit to enrich each other’s lives. Here are a few ideas:

1) Leave – Leave your own problems in life and focus on helping others.

2) Omit – Try to omit from you thinking, your selfish ideas. When you omit these ideas, you open yourself to others.

3) Vow – Vow to make the time that will improve others’ less fortunate lives. A great example is volunteering for the local organizations, such as St. Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army.

4) Entertain – Entertain senior citizens at the local centers by playing cards with them or other games.

From the Paul family to yours, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

Dan Paul is the interim superintendent for Ishpeming Public Schools. His columns, which explore family relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles.