Regain America — elect people who care


I cringe when I hear or read the national media ask, “What will Kim Jong Un do next, now that he has ordered his uncle executed.” Doesn’t the media know that this is an ongoing process in North Korea where hundreds of thousands are dead or in prison camps so Kim can maintain a country-wide state of terror among the remaining people? Mao Tze Tung taught Kim’s father this tactic over Mao’s 50-year reign in China, being responsible for the deaths or imprisonment of some 100 million of his leaders, family, friends and citizens.

Power brokers and leaders do this “because we can.” Meaning that people who don’t care or just sit by watching, are the ones allowing the multitude of atrocities to happen.

Today, in America, millions of children are being deprived of survival necessities. Millions of people’s lives are being devastated.

Public school are being decimated and the hope for better futures across America are being dashed, simply because people like the oil-rich Koch Brothers in Texas, leading American finance people and idiotic cooperating elected lawmakers are taking this country to the brink of disaster for the sake of their personal financial ambitions. You may not think people are being “killed” with these tactics, but you are wrong. And you might be next.

Just because you have job security today, does not mean you will tomorrow. Just ask the school employees of districts where the State of Michigan has usurped those districts and all retirement, good pay and control is gone, with many more districts on the list. Furthermore, our paper mill could suddenly “disappear,” because it is owned by “investors.”

Mao worked diligently toward eventually ruling the world. American finance people have the same financial ambitions – at our expense.

The only way we can regain our America is to spend time learning what is going on and elect people who care about all of the people in their districts and in America, and not just about those who have the money to get them re-elected.

Dr. Bill Finlan

Wells Township