Hike in minimum wage needed


More than half of the families of front-line fast-food workers are enrolled in one or more social service programs and this costs taxpayers nearly $7 billion a year, according to the Labor Center at the University of California-Berkley. The centers report comes on the heels of an audio recording released by the service employees union of a full-time McDonald’s employee calling the “McResources Help Line” where an operator suggests the worker apply for food stamps and Medicaid for herself and her two children. That is why we need a decent minimum wage. How many employees of the fast-food places are in the same boat? My guess – all of them.

The governor of Michigan is right in line with that kind of thinking. Before our governor ruled on his “right to work” law, the unemployed percentage was 8.9 percent. It is now 9.0 percent. Hey governor – where are all the jobs you promised?

We need former U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer for governor of Michigan!”

Charles Lundmark