Child now in foster care: Parents arrested in Esky, fled from Texas

EL PASO, Texas – A 20-month-old toddler from Texas, whose parents were arrested in Escanaba last month, was recently released from Delta County Child Protective Services and is now in foster care in El Paso.

Television station KVIA of El Paso reported Friday that Blake Farrey is under the care of El Paso Child Protective Services, which is seeking “appropriate relative placement” for the boy, according to an agency spokesperson.

Blake is the son of Jeffrey and Jenna Farrey who were arrested Nov. 17 at the Eagles Nest Motel in Escanaba. Blake was with his parents when they were apprehended by police but his 5-month-old brother, Jackson, was reported missing.

Jeffrey had gone AWOL from his post at Bliss Army Base and Jenna was arrested for a probation violation for leaving the state of Texas. Her previous conviction was for abandoning Blake in July 2012.

The parents have since been extradited to El Paso County where Jeffrey was indicted on a charge of injury to a child by omission in connection with the death of Jackson.

Police believe the body of a child found on Nov. 20 buried in a New Mexico desert is Jackson. An autopsy has yet to be released. Jenna has not been charged in connection with the baby’s death.

According to KVIA, legal documents released last week state Jeffrey’s father told police that Jeffrey said Jackson had died after choking on something and then he and Jenna buried their son in the desert.