A look at the future


“We are approaching the end of another year with Christmas festivities winding down; the new year ushering in with anticipations of greater days ahead with peace and love for all.

It is difficult to look at the “big picture” ahead, while we tend to the more mundane but necessary side of our life in our little town. The “50s kids” are now getting to be more like the elder generations preceding; the 60s kids are learning about health insurance needs; while the 70s kids watch their children become mature adults, and etc. High school graduates seem like babies, in a sense, but are far from being uninformed about the world around them. They of all, exude innocent optimism as they enter the grownup world of futures found and/or lost.

Modern technology cannot replace the dogged determination it will take to be accomplished. It can hide the fact that success doesn’t come instantaneously, with the touch of a button. Old fashioned values will have to prevail, putting wants aside as goals are striven for.

Just having the necessities of life will be challenge enough. There is no room for error, when it comes to one’s resume, which will have to include for example, no legal entanglements which can follow one to the grave. There are fewer second chances today, it seems.

We can only hope our country will make it possible for success which can be enjoyed by all. Hopefully our elected leaders will love the country and our fellow man enough to strive for an America everyone wants to be part of.

We can hope to preserve our democracy so that everyone can enjoy what it produces for everyone to enjoy. It will only be possible if we cling to our traditions and remain proud of our history and who we are.

Ideas like “social engineering” do not fit America. We are above that. We are where we want to be and want to stay where we want to be. We need to learn more about our country and to be left alone. Above all, we don’t need corrupt governments asking for more “aid,” while not trying to correct themselves. We have enough to do with dealing with our own problems. We don’t need to become isolationist but we need to be careful that we don’t become divided and conquered, from within or without.

Actually, our young citizens; of the future, have a big challenge ahead of them and so have to learn and keep a clear head to deal with what is good or not good for themselves and also, America.

Mary Snyder