Be vigilant against the spread of crime


Just before Christmas our son, wife and newborn son travelled from Washington, DC to celebrate Christmas with our family in Escanaba. Their car was packed with Christmas presents for parents, siblings, nephews and niece.

However, it took only a short stop at a shopping center here in town for some criminal to break into their car and steal all the precious bought gifts.

Just think how surprised we all were that our otherwise peaceful Escanaba has turned into a place like the rest of the country! We don’t know if the gifts that were supposed to bring happiness and love to family were stolen to support some drug dealer or if someone just took them because of a desperate need for Christmas presents.

But this incident emphasizes the importance for all of us in our town to be vigilant against the spread of criminality. Please, if you see something suspect in your neighborhood, report it to our law enforcement, which already knows how much crime is trying to overtake Escanaba. Remember, that you and I are personally responsible to take a stand against that which tries to destroy it.

Bo Lange