A positive change for Delta County

Our community is changing.

Tuesday, it was announced the area’s largest employer, NewPage, was being purchased by Verso Paper Corp. The $1.4 billion sale is expected to be completed later this year. From all indications, this looks like a change that will help both the area and the Escanaba paper mill that the area’s economy relies so heavily on.

Company officials expect that the union of the two companies will only make the corporation stronger. In the words of Verso President and CEO David J. Paterson “The combination of Verso and NewPage will create a stronger business that is better positioned to serve our customers and compete in a competitive global marketplace.”

We couldn’t agree more. We believe the Escanaba mill will continue to be the valuable asset it has always been – both to Verso and the local community.

The Escanaba mill’s record of productivity and efficiency speaks for itself. It would be a asset to any company that owned it. It has value in the business world.

The mill has an even greater value to the area’s economy. It employs 996 workers. It buys more than two million tons of pulpwood and sawmill chips annually from more than 150 independent logging contractors. It purchases goods, supplies and services from local companies. All of this trickles through the local economy impacting everyone and everything from stores to schools.

The Escanaba mill is the anchor of the local economy. We believe the purchase of NewPage by Verso is a positive development for the area.

Our community and its major employer have changed in the past. Mead Corp. became MeadWestvaco. MeadWestvaco became NewPage. Now it is time for Verso Paper Corp. to become a member of our community – a positive change for the area.

Welcome to Delta County Verso.