It’s not a happy new year


I wish I could say, Happy New Year but, the way our country has gone down hill these past few years, it’s to tragic, the way Washington, has destroyed our great reputation in the world’s eye’s. We have become a joke to all other countries. I think we reached our lowest by allowing so many groups to have their way, and slowly are taking God out of our land of what use to be a haven of rest for all people, to live together here in America protected by our constitution, which so many now think is old fashion and out of date.

We the people are sitting quietly and allowing just a few to run our country into the ditch of no return. If we didn’t stand together and let Washington know they actually work for us, they somehow got the idea we work for them. Shame on us for allowing them to bully us into the shape our country now is in. It’s at its lowest, when they denied our World War II veterans their legal right to go to Memorial Parks, that they themselves gave up their lives, limbs, sight and so much more of themselves, sacrifices that none of us could even imagine, the horror they faced depending on America of latter days and now.

Unless we walk in their shoes we have no clue. A dear friend of ours is Ken Olsen. Now 93 years old, he lived through the reality of war first hand. He faced situations that many of us would not believe possible. Only our veterans know and live with all the terrible memories.

Then for pompous men and women to sit in the comfort of Washington’s limelight, not having a clue of what veterans gave up for them to now squander every cent of our all to high takes to go for, stupid, self gratification perks, it is sad. Veterans even today coming home maimed and broken, have to wait actually a couple years to get benefits owed them, our wounded warrior’s needs, life-threatening needs are put on the wait list, while we sit back and watch Washington in their big boy’s club and women’s too, give away millions and millions of dollars to help foreign countries, that are actually killing our very own military men and women.

Thousands going to useless grants, its unreal. Tax evader’s who still hold office but collect our hard earned dollars. If we Americans don’t start letting our voices be heard, America will one day maybe all to soon be a Third World country (and who will support us with millions) you guessed it, No one. I am proud to say God bless america and in God I trust, first and always.

Verlynn Anderson