Help local recycling efforts


I am writing on behalf of those who appreciated the opportunity to recycle in our local area at the Delta County Landfill. I have recently heard the recycle center may close because of the increased amount of garbage/trash that people are trying to pass off as recyclable materials. If this continues, they will shut down, and then those of us who try to do our part to be gentle to our earth will have to go further to recycle, or place everything into our garbage. What a shame!

It takes so little time to rinse out plastic jugs and tin/aluminum containers, sort your papers and corrugated cardboard, place them in bags and drop them at the recycle center at no cost.

There are helpful, cordial workers from Lakestate Industries who will assist you putting items into proper bins, if you so wish. If the Center closes, these folks will be unemployed. It is not their “job” to sift through your trash to sort out recyclables from garbage. Be considerate.

There is curbside garbage pickup everywhere, or you may choose to dispose of your garbage at the dump at a reasonable cost, so be fair to those who do their part for the future by recycling responsibly. Let’s all work together to keep our recycle center open. There are brochures of the proper items that may be recycled, available at the landfill, at Lakestate Industries, or by going online at

This also goes for items brought to St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and even your local church rummage sales. Don’t bag up your garbage, or items that are broken, dirty, torn or unwashed clothing, and pass them off as “donations.” If you would not wish to see them on the shelf at the store or sale, don’t bring them.

We’re all in this together, let’s help each other out along the journey.”

Christine Bergquist

Bark River