Postal Service support


Two Republican senators, Darrel Issa from California and Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, are trying to privatize the United States Postal Service. No doubt there are more.

The reason for this? Because the Postal Service is not making enough money. Last year the USPS made $600,000,000 which is pretty much self-sufficient. The problem is the billions of dollars that they have to pay for retirement for employees, before they have not even been employed yet. What other company does this? None that I know of.

The USPS does not receive any money from the government. Not like the greedy bankers in Washington that caused all the financial problems.

Those people that enjoy the Postal Service should write Congressmen Benishek and ask him what he is doing about correcting this problem. I have not received any comments from him. Nor have there been any information in his letters to the Daily Press.

It might help if the state politicians would send a few letters including our two local employees of the State of Michigan, one Representative and one Senator.

By the way, what happened to UPS and FedX at Christmas time? Seems like they had a few delivery problems, none from the USPS though. I am not surprised.”

Charles Lundmark