Letter full of inaccuracies


The recent letter from Ms. Rosemarie Hall was so full of inaccuracies that I am moved to respond. I will attempt to address her remarks in the order she presented them.

1.) Light bulb factories being closed due to President Obama’s policies: The law phasing out traditional incandescent bulbs, in favor of more energy ones, was passed by Congress on Dec. 18, 2007 and signed by Bush the following day. The light bulb was enacted under Bush, not Obama. And it passed Congress with widespread support in 2007. The final vote in the Senate was 86 to 8 and it was 314 to 100 in the House.

2.) Gibson Guitar raided by Feds (sounds like a plea agreement to me): In August of 2012, the Justice Department announced that it has come to an agreement with Gibson Guitar Corp. that will resolve an investigation into whether the company used illegally harvested wood and ebony in its production process, a violation of the Lacey Act. Under the agreement, Gibson will pay a $300,000 penalty, plus a $50,000 “community service payment” to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help promote conservation of protected trees. Additionally, Gibson agreed to set up a compliance program to ensure it does not use illegally harvested products, and to forfeit its right to about $260,000 worth of wood and ebony seized in the investigation.

3.) Obama phones: Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. The program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it.

4.) Keystone Pipeline (I won’t even get into the risks involved to our natural resources and health): In August 2011, the State Department estimated the number of direct jobs created by the Keystone Pipeline at a modest 5,000 to 6,000.

5.) Jobs (we all agree that we need more): As of December 2013, the economy gained a net total of 3,246,000 jobs since Obama first took office and the unemployment rate had fallen to 6.7 percent, down from 7.8 percent.

Ms. Hall, I urge you to do your own homework rather than relying on Fox/Faux News. Spreading misinformation is toxic.”

Teresa Ross