Roe v. Wade anniversary


“Today, Jan. 22, 2014, marks the tragic 41st anniversary of a grave injustice, Roe v. Wade. This Supreme Court’s decision is America’s hidden holocaust, responsible for the legal violent killing of over 56 million precious unborn babies by abortion. We have destroyed close to three children every single minute for 41 solid years. The result of this injustice has left millions and millions of desperately wounded men and women, severed relationships and heart broken families. Even after all these years, abortion is still the most unregulated industry in the United States.

There is hope, the Prolife Cause represents the greatest grassroots movements this country has ever seen. Nothing our history or in the history of the world compares to who we are, what we have become or what we will accomplish in the future. We urge you to continue the efforts of the 40 Days For Life Campaign which took place in Escanaba this past fall, by praying, fasting and community outreach to end abortion in this country. Right to Life of Delta County and many other advocates for life in our area and this country are remembering this day of infamy.

Locally, a group left Sunday on the March For Life Pilgrimage bus trip to Washington D.C., St. Joseph Church in Perkins showed the DVD of Abby Johnson’s dramatic conversion story of her career, with Planned Parenthood to a outspoken advocate for the life in the womb and the prolife movement, RTL’s signature ad in the Daily Press today and the special billboard during January located on U.S. 2 and Lincoln Road across from Kentucky Fried Chicken before the railroad overpass with the message “Abortion Leaves Families Heartbroken and the 1-800-57woman helpline number.

Tonight St. Annes Church, located at 817 South Lincoln Road in Escanaba, will hold a Respect Life prayer service with the youth, come pray with us and on Sunday, Jan. 26, the Knights of Columbus Council 6667 of Gladstone will hold a March For Life starting at 1 p.m. at All Saints Church in Gladstone, located at 723 Wisconsin Ave. Fr. Jamie Ziminski will lead the march praying the Rosary, the closing prayers will be in the church followed by refreshments in the church hall, Come join us support life in our area.

May God bless you all for your continued support and efforts for life!”

Carol Carlson