Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

Fifth and sixth-graders at the Perkins Elementary School completed their bowling lessons at the Midway Alleys in Gladstone when this photograph was taken in 1974. The students are: from left front, Hazel Selander, Diane Seger, Tina Frazer, Mary Lauscher, Mary Wery, Dawn Thomas, and gym teacher Debbie DeBacker; second row, Todd Trudell, Todd Frazer, Kurt Osterman, Billy Dunlap, Tom Holm, Ricky Christensen, Roger Seger, Mark Kossow, Terry Boyer, Scott Mattson, and Tom LaCosse; back row, Charles Shinn, Bob Gustafson, John Lamberg, Joe Holm, Tom McNutt, Carl Frietz, Linda Trombley, Daniel Lamberg, Edith Kausak, Joyce VanDamme, Theresa VanDamme, teacher Mary DeCremer, bowling instructor Joanne Gillis, Troy Dausey, Kenny Johnson, Michael Anderson, and Bey Brown.

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