Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

House moving was in progress in this 1904 photograph that once belonged to the late Henry Vandeweghe. The homes were in the process of being moved from Garth to Rapid River to Kipling and Gladstone. Garth had once been a thriving community with a large lumber mill, but when the mill closed, the people in the area moved on and the houses were left standing vacant. The Kipling and Gladstone areas at the time were expanding so rapidly that new homes were in great demand. The homes were jacked up and pulled by two teams of horses across the ice because it would have been all but impossible to transport them any distance overland. Great care had to be exerted around the Days River area because of the flaws in the ice, but no teams or houses were reported to have fallen through. The team owners were reported to have received between $4 and $5 a day for their efforts.