Ready, set, shop: Sweepstakes winner walks away with cart full

ESCANABA – On your mark…Get Set…Go!

Ellen Chenail, of Gladstone, the first of two winners named in the Daily Press Supermarket Sweepstakes contest, raced down the aisles of the Escanaba Super One Foods Friday morning.

Chenail had five minutes to follow a track through the store and fill her cart with as many groceries as possible as part of the contest.

Readers of the Daily Press had multiple chances to participate in the Daily Press Supermarket Sweepstakes last month by filling out entry forms featuring participating local businesses and returning them to the business featured in the advertisement.

The end result was $366.95 worth of groceries for Chenail, who said upon arriving at Super One, she changed her strategy. Originally she thought she would begin on the opposite end of the store.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to hit those really high-end cheeses,’ but they started over here,” she said, pointing to the other side of the store. “I moved kind of fast. I got a lot of things I planned to get and I’m very thankful. It was great and I think this is a great thing to do.”

Chenail estimates she entered the contest at about 20 to 25 different businesses. In fact, her winning entry, picked from Bay Area Pool & Spa, was the first one she submitted.

“I kept saying, ‘Oh my goodness. Really?'” she said of her reaction on being selected. “When I was putting them (the entry slips) in, I kind of felt lucky and I don’t usually feel like that.”

As for her plans with the groceries she collected from her five minutes?

“I’m going to pass it forward and share with my granddaughter and we’re going to have some of it for the Super Bowl,” she said.

Super One Foods store manager Tom Mollison said the promotion is a great chance for community involvement.

“It’s fun and she’s pretty excited. She has her tennis shoes on so she’s ready to go,” he said prior to the contest.

“I was surprised at how many people had entered the contest,” he added. “There was a ton of entry blanks, so for the Press it was very successful.”

Daily Press Publisher Dan McDonald said it would be nice to hold the sweepstakes annually.

“It creates a great partnership between our grocery stores and our readers and different businesses in town,” he said. “We had 52 participating businesses along with the two grocery stores we had involved, so it’s just a fun event and it allows us to partner with them.”

The second winner in the Daily Press Supermarket Sweepstakes, Sharon Makosky of Escanaba, will make her way through Elmer’s County Market at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.