Help local children when filing Michigan taxes

Area residents can help keep kids safe in Delta County this tax season by adding a simple checkmark to Form 4642 on Michigan 2013 state income tax returns.

Donations made by local residents to the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) will result in dollars coming directly back to support programs aimed at protecting children in Delta County.

Delta County’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council is a designated local council of the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund (CTF). Each year, CTF provides grant funding for programs run by the CAP Council in Delta County, as well as other local councils across the state.

This year and next, CTF will track Form 4642 donations from each county. Increases in those donations over previous years will then be used to calculate increases in funding for each county during the next grant cycle.

“We have a unique opportunity to increase the funds available in our community to prevent child abuse and neglect,” said Julie Moberg, coordinator of the local Delta County CAP Council.

The MSUE Welcome Newborns program has launched a Check the Box campaign to encourage county residents to donate, Moberg said. “We are calling on our citizens to check the box, make a donation, and show the rest of the state how much Delta County cares about its kids.”

All increases in tax check-off revenues to the Children’s Trust Fund from local residents will be added to the CAP Council’s next grant, said Moberg. “This will strengthen our capacity to serve children right here in Delta County.”