Tea Party State of the Union


“What did you think of the State of the Union Address (SOTU) by President Obama? I was dismayed. Either he was reporting on a different country, or his facts were distorted.

The SOTU by Republicans was also disappointing. The presenter seemed to be a very nice lady and she made a few good points. However, I was looking for detailed rebuttal to expose Obama’s skewed data. I need many details regarding the Republican strategy to turn things around in order for me to trust them with leadership. I was not inspired to trust.

But then came the Tea Party SOTU by Sen. Mike Lee from Utah. He spoke of an ever growing federal government that has given itself permission to “lie to, spy on, and target its own citizens.” Many grim reminders of the actual state of our union. At least this is real. A place to start.

Lee then focused on the original Tea Party patriots who, after a long history of abuse, finally erupted in outrage at the intrusive and overreaching government of England.

Lee said that if they had only protested what they found intolerable, we would not know about them now. But they did more than protest. They worked out what they wanted in a government, and in 14 years met at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to secure that government.

It is vital that we protest what we find to be intolerable in current government policy. What we tolerate will stay. It is even more important that we work to build the government we want.

Then he listed many bipartisan efforts under way to solve some of our thorniest problems. He listed names and issues. He was credible: I am encouraged. We can work this out!

So if you are disenchanted with both major political parties, I invite you to our local Tea Party meeting. We meet to share ideas, offer support, educate, and enhance skills.

The Delta Tea Party Patriots meet the second Thursday of each month from 7 to 8, at the Joe Heirman building on Bay’s campus. Our next meeting will be on Feb. 13.

The agenda includes, a discussion of Sen. Mike Lee’s Tea Party State of the Union, keys for enhancing voter feedback, a preliminary report involving the Common Core curriculum currently being taught in local schools, and action steps developed from group input. Check out “Mike Lee State of the Union” on internet in preparation for the meeting.”

Lynn Hansen