Shop ’til you drop: Woman scores big in Sweepstakes

ESCANABA – Escanaba resident Sharon Makosky took to the aisles of Elmer’s County Market Tuesday night to gather as many groceries as possible in five minutes as part of the Daily Press Supermarket Sweepstakes.

With only five minutes to follow a track through the store, Makosky filled her cart with $920.99 worth of free groceries. Among items in her cart were lobster tails, ribs, beef tenderloins, turkeys, shrimp, cheese, and coffee.

“I never dreamt I’d get that much. I thought I’d be lucky if I got what the other lady got,” said Makosky following the announcement of her bill.

Makosky was the second shopper to take to the aisles as a winner of the sweepstakes. The other winner, Ellen Chenail, of Gladstone, walked away with $366.95 worth of groceries from the Escanaba Super One Foods Friday morning.

The two lucky racers were selected after filling out entry forms found attached to advertisements in the Daily Press and returning them to the featured local businesses. Makosky’s winning entry form was returned to The Family Inn in Wells.

“I do want … to thank the merchants, Family Inn, and anyone who helped make this happen for me, and Elmer’s for sponsoring me,” said an out of breath Makosky following her run.

Makosky almost didn’t enter the sweepstakes at all.

“I was talked into this,” said Makosky. “My sister Beverly (Lee) said she was going to enter and said, ‘you might as well too,’ so I filled them out and away we went.”

While Makosky managed to fit her groceries in a single cart during the shopping spree, it took three carts to hold all the items once they had been bagged. Store employees helped her get the items to the parking lot where they were put into her car and the cars of family members who had come to cheer Makosky on as she shopped.

“I’ve got to share with them,” said Makosky, laughing that they would probably have a party to enjoy the food.

Makosky and her family and friends aren’t the only ones who enjoyed the shopping spree.

“It was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed it,” said Elmer’s County Market General Manager Rod Stende. “We kind of gave her a little coaching session so she had a personal trainer of where all the good stuff was.”

In addition to the groceries, Makosky will receive 90 cents off per gallon of gasoline through the Elmer’s County Market Pump Perks gas rewards card promotion.

For those who tried entering the sweepstakes but didn’t win a shopping spree, there may be hope next year.

“I just think it’s a great event and we’ll do it next year. It’s just a great way to partner with our advertisers, the local grocery stores, and our readers,” said Daily Press Publisher Dan McDonald.