The tradition continues: Heifers pass from one 4-Her to another

ESCANABA – In the fall of 2013, three 4-H members became the owners of new heifer calves through the efforts of the 4-H/Kiwanis Heifer Calf Program. A heifer is a female cow that has not given birth.

The 4H/Kiwanis Heifer Calf program is designed to allow 4H members the opportunity to explore the breeding side of the beef market livestock program. The 4-H Beef Heifer Project began in the late 1960s when Kiwanis purchased a calf with the overall purpose of providing a 4-H member with a purebred animal and has expanded to include two additional animals.

Recipients are selected through an application and interview process conducted by Delta County 4-H Staff and Kiwanis members. In return, the 4-H member receiving this animal shows the animal at the U.P. State Fair and donates the first female offspring to another deserving 4-H member.

The following Delta County 4H members were the deserving recipients of the 2013 Kiwanis Heifer Calves:

Angel Kleiman, a six year member of the West Delta Beef 4H Club is looking forward to being able to show quality breeding stock at the Upper Peninsula State Fair.

Brooke Dalgord, a five year Isabella 4H member, plans to explore artificial insemination as part of her project with the heifer calf and is also excited about raising her own breeding stock.

Caitlyn Fishell, a four year member of County Line 4H Beef Club, hopes to gain the hands on experience of caring for an animal going through the pregnancy process.