Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

Students at the Stone Anderson School in Ensign were pictured in this 1930 photograph. Pictured are: from left front, Kenneth Olson, Torval Anderson, Lois Gustafson, Edward Lamberg, Lillian Johnson, Ellen Stenlund, Emma Mauhar, Andy Lundberg, Matt Mauhar, and Richard Johnson; second row, Elvera Lamberg, Helen Larson, Francis Mauhar, Mable Lamberg, Stephanie Mauhar, and Mary Mauhar; third row, Robert Gustafson, Joe and John Stemac (twins), Norma Wickstrom, Catherine Stenlund, and Eldora Larson; fourth row, June Kellerson, Lewellyn Papineau, Arnold Brannstrom, Edward Olson and Glenn Thomas; fifth row, Altrudes Papineau, Lillian Gorham, Helen Gustafson, Esther Brannstrom, Olswald Hansen, and Ewald Kellerson; back row, Bert Heric, Dagney Larson, Elmer Syostrom, Evegina Holm (teacher), Albin Larson, Floyd Lundberg, and George Wickstrom.