Government has to work for us


“I wonder why we don’t hear any talk about global warming in the last few months?

Is it because it just a term that is just not true? It is all about our government being controlled by special interest groups?

My best guess is that we are just are being used by others. Our government does not care truly about us. It is all about government having total control of us.

There is no good reason that we are paying $3.35/gallon of gasoline or $5.60/gallon for propane. The reason for this is our government not working for us.

Example: In the 1970s the Department of Energy was created to lessen our dependence on other countries and lower our cost of energy. Well has it?

So why no out cry? Maybe it is because you believe that government is the answer?

Remember that our government is to work for us. Is it? No.

This is just my opinion and what is yours?”

Philip Norman

Bark River