Scout Sunday at All Saints Church

Courtesy photo

Scouts from Pack 471 and Troop 466 of Gladstone, and Troop 473 of Flat Rock took part in the annual Scout Sunday event by attending Mass at All Saints Catholic Church in Gladstone on Sunday, Feb. 1. All wore their Scout uniforms to mark the special day. Scout Sunday marked the beginning of Scout Week. The Scouts who attended were Peter Barron, Gideon Barron, Gavin Mathias, Donovan Mathias, John Falcon, Lukas Hanson, Giovanni Mathews, Frank Carlson, Matthew Falcon, Jake Strassler, Andrew Bracket, Luke Bracket, Mason 0LaChance, and Loran McFarland. Adults who took part were: Mike Metiever, District Senior Exec.; Mike Falcon, Troop 466 Committee Chair; Stacy Bingham, Troop 411, Escanaba; and Darla Falcon, Troop 466 Committee member. Two Girl Scouts, Hannah and Alexis Litts, were also in the congregation. Jason Barron is Cubmaster for Pack 471. Brenda Barron is the Pack’s Committee Chair.