Don’t put them back in office


“As we most have heard and seen on the national news for the last few months are government scandals, ACA, NSA, IRS, among other political follies. It is not about Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party or Independents not getting along, it is about these individuals coming up for election in 2014 trying to keep their positions in the Senate, or House at the federal and state levels.

I strongly believe that every candidate that is up for reelection should not be voted in. It is time for the voters to standup and take control of the current government out of being control. Please consider this when we vote in this years up coming election.

Please vote for a change in the current seat holders. Challenge them to answer your questions with either a yes or no answer, not to give you a round-about answer. Lets again be a strong nation as our forefathers vision was when they put together our break away from large government control. To be leaders and not followers.”

Forrest Hill